Create new application

The _Create new application_ menu option lists all the grant types for which you can currently apply. These are also displayed in the right column of your [#22,dashboard] page.

The application forms are self explanatory, but the following resources are useful:

* [#26,Application process] outlines the steps between submitting your application and being advised of the outcome.

* [#27,Guides for application types] should be read *before* completing your application form.


Application form


*1 * At the right of the page header the application's current status is displayed, along with associated information that depends on that status - such as the date by which submission is required, or the size of the grant the application has been awarded. This section of the application form also has the _History_ button, which displays the steps through which the application has so far passed.

*2 * If you've not updated your account details for awhile, you're asked to check that the personal details for your Cure Kids portal account are correct. Incorrect details may impact the processing of your application.

*3 * The blue box above the button bar outlines the process the application will follow once it's submitted.

*4 * The _Guidelines_ section contains a _general help_ link to this page, and a link to _specific guidelines_ which depend on the application type.

*5 * The button bar lets you _Save_ an application so you can return later to continue working on it, and then _Submit_ the application when it's complete. The _Cancel_ button closes the application form without saving any changes. These buttons are at both the top and bottom of the application form. See _Managing your application_ below.



Editing rich text

Your application form may contain one or more rich text entry fields. These are easily recognised by the button bar above them.


The purpose of each button should be familiar and the usual shortcut keys apply (B for bold, I for italic etc). Each button has a mouseover hint as a reminder.

If you are pasting text from an existing document (particularly if that document was created in Microsoft Word), there are some things to be aware of.

Pasting content from MS Word

When you paste content directly from Microsoft Word, a sizeable amount of spurious formatting information can be included. This will count against any word limit applied to the field.

If you want to remove MS Word formatting completely you can copy the content, paste it into a plain text editor such as _Notepad_, then copy it from there and paste it into the application form. You'll then need to re-apply formatting.

Formatting list items

If you've pasting directly from Microsoft Word, list items will lose their formatting. You can restore it with the following steps.

1. Paste the document.

1. Find and highlight the list, which will be presented as a solid block of text.

1. Click the _ordered_ or _unordered_ list button on the button bar.

1. Work through the list stopping at each existing number or bullet; remove the existing number/bullet and press the *Enter* key to create a new list item at that point.


Managing your application

The bottom of each application form has a set of buttons. The available buttons vary depending on the status of your application.


* The PDF button generates a PDF which contains the application form plus any attached documents. PDFs cannot be generated with Internet Explorer 8, but any more modern browser will work.

* The *Save* button saves any changes you've made to your application so you can return later to edit or submit it

* The *Submit* button verifies that you've provided all the necessary information, then delivers your application to the institution with which you're associated, so it can be given administrative approval before being sent to Cure Kids. You will receive an email notification when the application is sent on to Cure Kids.

* The *Cancel* button closes the application without saving any changes you may have made.

If you can't find the information you need, please use the "Get in touch" form on this page to send an inquiry to Cure Kids.

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