The dashboard is your hub for Cure Kids portal. It provides immediate access to the most important functionality, status details and current information from Cure Kids administrators.


*1 *The left menu repeats the menu at the top of the page, with the same available options.

*2 *The _Current activity_ section lists applications you're preparing or have submitted. You can click the applications in the list to view them.

*3 *_Open funding round_ in your dashboard's right column lists grant types for which applications are currently being accepted, with a button to create your application form. If there are no grants open at the moment, details are listed of the next grant types to open, along with the opening dates.

*4 *Below your dashboard page's left menu may from time to time be message to applicants from the Grants Administrator. Important information including changes relating to funding rounds will be posted here as necessary.

*5 *_The centre of your dashboard below _Current activity_ will show _Recently visited pages_. This provides you with a quick way to return to pages you've been viewing.

If you can't find the information you need, please use the "Get in touch" form on this page to send an inquiry to Cure Kids.



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